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Why ForumLaunch?
Here at ForumLaunch, we believe that your free, ad-free phpBB3 forum should be just that - free of charge, and free of intrusive advertising. Unlike other hosts who will add advertising to your forum to make money from your hard work, we keep your forum truly ad-free, leaving it clean and professional looking. We register your forum under a sub-domain and not a folder, so no long and unwieldy URLs - just

OK, but does this mean that my phpBB3 forum will be hosted on slow servers?
Absolutely not. Unlike most of our competition, we host your phpBB3 forum on ultra fast servers that have a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

Hang on then, if it's all free, why are you doing it? What do you get out of hosting my forum if there's no advertising revenue?
Glad you asked! We put a small, discreet "Donate" button at the bottom of your forum. All we ask is that you make your members aware of it's existence from time to time. The more members you have, and the more successful your forum is, the more chance a few people will want to donate small amounts towards the running cost of ForumLaunch. In this way, it really is in our best interest to make sure you're happy, and are getting the best out of your hosting service.

What about all these MODs and styles, what's that about?
MODs, or modifications to the phpBB software, add extra features to the basic forum package. We have several pre-installed already, and welcome suggestions on the Support Forum. Styles effect the way your forum looks; we know that you want your forum to be unique and not a carbon copy of every other forum out there, so we'll do our best to install the style you want, or help you to modify existing styles to get the effect you need.

What if I decide to buy a domain later?
At Forum Launch, we understand that forums get bigger with time and eventually, most of you will go ahead and buy your own domain name - in such a case, all you have to do is to let us know your new domain and we'll host it for you! This is also applicable to you if you own a domain already and want to start a new phpBB3 forum.

Can I take a look at a sample phpBB3 forum before I sign up?
Sure! Feel free to take a look at our Support Forum.

Great! Where do I start?
Right here - Signup

How do I report abuse of your service?
Please send an email to with all relevant information.