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Free phpBB3 Forum Hosting

Registrations are currently closed, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We offer a free, friendly, phpBB3 forum hosting service. We take care of all the behind the scenes technical work, leaving you to concentrate on building, running and managing a (hopefully successful) ad-free forum.

free phpBB3 hosting

About Forum Launch

Forum Launch provides a free, ad-free phpBB3 hosting service giving you a professional looking, feature-rich forum that your members will enjoy participating in.

We also do all the hard work by way of setting up and installing mods and styles on your free, ad-free phpBB3 forum, which means that you will never need to worry about changing file permissions, editing core files or handling any of the technical details that you would need to do otherwise, allowing you to concentrate on what's important: building your forum, setting it up the way you want it, and making it as successful as you can.

Still sounds complicated? We also offer a support forum where you can get any help and advice you need, from people with many years experience in setting up and running hosted forums.

Still not sure? Why not head over to our FAQ section for more answers?


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